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43 rue de la Gaité, 75014 Paris.

Order: Payment for the order is made when ordering.

Payment methods: Credit card, PayPal.

Delivery: Delivery is made by post or in person to the laboratory at 43 rue de la Gaité or to our partners. Delivery time: 1 month. The good becomes the property of the buyer upon ordering.

Responsibility: In case of deterioration of the subject of the gradation, C.H.E.N reimburses at the price set by the eBay market and Coleka. If the expertise or grading is judged to be false, C.H.E.N will reimburse the grading service or redo it free of charge.

Personal Data: Personal data is not used or sold for commercial purposes. In the event of a dispute and non-amicable agreement, the competent jurisdiction is that of the address of C.H.E.N.

Entry into force on 12/15/2023.

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