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Expertise and grading of collection cards

Welcome to C.H.E.N, the expertise firm that offers you a high-end grading service at the best price for all types of collection cards. Specializing in large collections, C.H.E.N allows you to grade a large number of cards for a reduced price. But don't hesitate to send us your favorite card anyway, you will be pleasantly surprised.

A gradation that will authenticate, enhance and protect your cards.

A gradation that will enhance your collection, elevating your cards to the rank of work of art.

A recognized gradation based on art market criteria.

Our commitment in two easy steps

  1. Send Your Cards - Start by sending your cards for exceptional grading. Place your order online or drop them off with us. Be sure to include your name and address on the back of the envelope or inside.

  2. Expertise and Grading - Once your cards are in our possession, our team of experts examine them carefully. Every detail counts. Then, the dimming process begins. Your cards sound to yout returned within 15 days.

Choose the notation method that suits you for your cards:

Standard notation "in cash" out of 10+.

 Star rating, C.H.E.N key, each point corresponds to a gold star. 

 (See photo below).

Authenticity Guaranteed

All cards that pass through our hands are meticulously appraised and receive the mention of authenticity. Your trust is paramount, which is why we ensure every graded card carries our seal of approval. Cards notofficial will be marked Fan Arts and will not bear the seal of authenticity but you can send them. Some have become very sought after by collectors!

Marie Garnier, Paris

"Mes Pokémon n'ont jamais été aussi beaux. Un grand merci à C.H.E.N."

Pierre Morel, Lyon

"Mon deck Commander de 100 cartes Magic, gradé sans notes, fait sensation lors des tournois."

Anne Bain, Clichy

"Il m'arrive de vendre mes cartes, issues de boosters et certifiées par C.H.E.N, à des prix plus élevés que dans de nombreuses autres entreprises de certification."

Service for professionals

You are an auctioneer or gallery owner

C.H.E.N is committed to providing auction houses and gallery owners with expertise on their sales of collector's cards. Contact us to talk about it, 


We work with professional sellers to set wholesale prices that benefit their margins.


We are always collaborating and looking for all types 

influencers, contact us to find out the terms and conditions.

 Service for Individuals

     The C.H.E.N dimming service

- When we receive your cards, we inventory them in a secret database to which only the QR code on the back of the gradation allows access.

- The cards are then graded closely according to standard market criteria. 

- Each card is finally placed with its label in a PSA standard acrylic case.

- Processing takes between 7 and 15 days, Your collection is returned to your address.

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Contact us

Office and laboratory at 43 rue de la Gaité, 75014 Paris


Send us an email at

Contact us at 0781223673

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