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Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball


Certification and grading of your Dragon Ball cards.

Followed by blister packaging.

Fast and professional reshipment.

  • Gradation

    The card is authenticated by our experts, then graded according to its condition. It is finally sealed in a transparent case by ultrasound. And will be returned to you within 7 days.

    If you would like a gradation in English, you can add it in your note on the order validation page.

  • Delivery

    You can send us your cards to our address after placing an order. Don't forget to include your address, email and telephone number in your package.


    43 rue de la Gaité, 75014 Paris.


  • Note type

    The star rating is a luxurious gradation. Every empty star is filled with gold. The number of full stars corresponds to the rating of the card.

    The standard rating is a numerical rating in numbers.

    It is possible to grade your cards without grading. You can also remove the rating below a certain rating, notify it on the order validation page.

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